Freeroom@EPFL - Search

Welcome to the FreeRoom@EPFL home page!

This website allows you to find some room without lecture or exercices on the EPFL campus.

You want to work in a quiet place, alone or with friends?
Esplanade is too noisy?
RLC is too far or full of UNIL student?
CO's basement tables are taken by some gamers?

You are on the right place! Go to the "Find a room" section, select day and hours for your request and let the applciation find a free room for you.

"Nice but it's boring to always use our computer when we want a free room!"

No problem, there is a smartphone application too! If you have an android device, go to the "Download" section and then you download the application! (EPFL mail account required)
Don't forget to read the note on the bottom of the page in case of problems with the install.
If you use Apple device, you will have to wait a bit, we plan to develop an iOS application but it may take some time.

"I used the application but there was a lesson in the "free" room!"
"I love your application, how can I thank the developper? And I have some ideas for him!"
"There are bugs in your application!"
"Boarf I'm not convinced by your application, you should improve.."

No problem, if you want to report a bug, a busy room, give an improvement idea, criticize something or just compliment the application, you can leave a review in the "Contact" section.

This application and website are still in beta-version! There are probably bugs, spelling mistakes and other problems, if you find some, do not hesitate to report them!